Andover Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning Board of Adjustment has its regularly scheduled meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, unless it has no business to transact. Special meetings are held as needed, and notice is posted at town and in the Andover and East Andover Post Offices. 

You can view the following PDF format documents by left clicking on the name, or download a copy by right clicking on the name. You will need a PDF reader to open them. A PDF reader may be obtained for free by downloading from

Application Forms:

  1. Instructions to Applicants
  2. Fee Schedule
  3. Application for Variance
  4. Application for Special Exception
  5. Application for Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements
  6. Appeal from Administrative Decision

Ordinances and regulations: 

  1. ZBA Rules of Procedure
  2. Zoning Ordinance Revised through Town Meeting 2014
  3. Zoning Ordinance Revision History
  4. Unofficial Zoning Map

Upcoming Meetings and Applications:

    Applications posted here may not be the complete application file, which may be reviewed at town hall.

  1. Next Meeting Agenda
  2. Minutes of meeting 8/20/2013
  3. Minutes of Special Meeting 8/27/2013
  4. DRAFT Minutes of Meeting 9/17/2013

Resources for Board Members:

  1. The Board of Adjustment in New Hampshire- A Handbook for Local Officials October 2012
  2. Municipal & Governmental Law: Beware the Variance: Five Useful Decisions  New Hampshire Bar News 2013
  3. Zoning Board of Adjustment Roles and Responsibilities- (2006)
  4. Conditions of Approval: How to Draft Language that is Both Clear and Defensible (Slides)
  5. Conditions of Approval

Current RSA Amendments Affecting Andover Zoning Ordinance

  1. Changes to Personal Wireless Service Facilities law
  2. Expiration of Special Exceptions and Variances